A Kiddush is a festive, informal catered buffet, enjoyed after the morning services on Shabbat and holidays. The Kiddush has become a vital part of Chabad Owings Mills as it does much to create friendships, community, and the warm Shul atmosphere in which we take great pride. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, or commemorate the Yahrtzeit of a loved one, by sponsoring a Kiddush.

Call the office or contact us with the dates you would like to reserve, or go to the payment page and include the date and occasion in the "details" box.

2 Kiddush options:
Standard Kiddush - $300 (includes: wine, drinks, fish, cholent, salads, cake, lechaim).
Deluxe Kiddush - $450 (includes: wine, drinks, deli, challah and rolls, fruit, cholent, salads, cake, lechaim).

The Friday night kiddush sponsorship is $200 (includes: wine, drinks, soup, kugel, hot side dish, cake, fruit).

Torah Portion Date Sponsor Occasion 
Rosh Hashana day 1 September 10 Marat & Leah Kushner  
Rosh Hashana day 2 September 11 Jeremy & Kira Goldman  
Ha'azinu September 15 Jason & Jen Lichter  Brandon's Bar Mitzvah
Yom Kippur break-fast September 19 Nargiz Muganlinsky  
Simchas Torah October 1    
Bereishis October 6    
Noach October 13    
Lech Lecha October 20  Ben & Orit (Benor) Cohen  Celebrating their marriage
Vayeira October 27  Rabbi & Chanie K.  Shaina's special 3rd birthday
Chayei Sara November 3    
Toldos November 10    
Vayeitzei November 17  Elliott & Nava Gorbaty  Special visiting guests
Vayishlach November 24  Joel & Martha Gross  Anniversary 
Vayeishev December 1  Jeffrey & Sheri Stern  4th birthday of Rowan Eden Giraldes
Mikeitz December 8  Alan & Karen Terner  The "3 Torah Scroll" Shabbos
Vayigash December 15  Ben & Orit Cohen  Special birthday celebration
Vayechi December 22  Brian & Caryn Lerman  Safe Travel to Israel
Shmos December 29  Jon & Leslie Welfeld  Thankful to Hashem
Vaeirah January 5  Brian & Sherri Sacks  Mothers yahrtzeit
Bo January 12  Jeffrey & Sheri Stern  Yahrtzeit of Alan Blatt
Beshalach January 19    
Yisro January 26    
Mishpatim February 2    
Terumah February 9  Jeffrey & Sheri Stern  Yahrtzeit of Ralph Stern
Tetzaveh February 16    
Ki Sisa February 23    
Vayakhel March 2  Elliott & Nava Gorbaty  Jonathan's Sheva Brachot
Pekudei March 9    
Vayikra March 16    
Tzav March 23    
Shmini March 30  Goodman & Williams families  Jacob's Bar Mitzvah
Tazria April 6    
Metzorah April 13    
Acharei May 4    
Kedoshim May 11    
Emor May 18    
Behar May 25  Moshe & Jodie Schwartz  Etahn's Bar Mitzvah
Bechukosai June 1    
Bamidbar June 8    
Naso June 15    
Beha'aloshecha June 22    
Shlach June 29    
Korach July 6    
Chukas July 13    
Balak July 20    
Pinchas July 27    
Matos-Masei August 3    
Devarim August 10    
Vo'eschanan August 17    
Eikev August 24    
Re'ei August 31    
Shoftim September 7    
Ki Seitzei September 14  Jeffrey & Sheri Stern  Yahrtzeit of Bernard Blatt
Ki Savo September 21    
Nitzavim September 28  Jeffrey & Sheri Stern  Yahrtzeit of Sandra Blatt