Next Event: Guiding My Heart To Joy!

Date: Thursday, March 11, 2021

Time: 7:30 PM Eastern Time


(Meeting ID: 856 1347 7957, Passcode: chabad)


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Thursday, June 25, 7:00 PM

Farbrengen: Transform and Transcend

We are having a Farbrengen in honor of the yahrtzeit of the Rebbe. Senator Joe Lieberman, Sivan Rahav-Meir, and Rabbi YY Jacobson will speak about the Rebbe's vision of a perfect tomorrow, starting with a personal transformation today.  


Thursday, July 2, 7:00 PM

Songs of the Yearning Soul

Join us for an evening of Hassidic melodies and their stories of distance, hope, and renewal. We will be joined be a live cello performance.


Thursday, July 9, 7:00 PM

Unorthodox - The Inside Scoop

A no-holds barred Q&A with Mrs. Rivkah Slonim. Get honest (and perhaps unorthodox) answers to your questions.
Rivkah is the education director at the Rohr Chabad Center at Binghamton University, and self-proclaimed "Chassidic feminist".


Thursday, July 16, 7:00 PM

From High to Chai

Join us for an inspiring and entertaining multimedia story and presentation. Rabbi Motti Flikshtein will speak about his transformation from a secular, drug-dealing rapper, to becoming a shliach in Delaware. 


Thursday, July 23, 7:00 PM

A Survivor's Story

Avremi Zippel, Chabad Rabbi in Salt Lake City (Utah), will share his personal story of overcoming years of sexual abuse.


Thursday, July 30, 7:00 PM

Tisha B'Av

Tisha B'Av is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, as we mourn the destruction of both our holy Temples. We will have a special program to mark this most important day.

Join us for a presentation on "The Archaeological Claim to Jerusalem" by Rabbi Avraham Stolik, AKA The Jewish Indiana Jones. 


Wednesday, October 28, 7:30 PM

Burial or Cremation

A fascinating and thought-provoking discussion on the biggest decision of your after-life. With Rabbi Doron Kornbluth.


Thursday, November 19, 7:30 PM

Community Farbrengen

An evening of song and inspiration in honor of the month of Kislev. 


Wednesday, December 16, 7:30 PM

A Harrowing Story of Survival

A historic evening with a 96-year-old Holocaust Survivor.


Wednesday, January 13, 7:30 PM

The Chronicles of the Last Jewish Gangster

Get the inside story of the "Jewish Mob" from former gangster and international gambling point-man. 


Wednesday, February 10, 7:30 PM

Kabbalah and Meditation

Transforming fear and anxiety into strength and faith. 


Tuesday, February 23, 7:30 PM

Virtual Purim Class for Women

Join us for "Queen Esther's Untold Story in the Palace" with scholar in residence Rebbetzin Goldie Gansbourg.