A Kiddush is a festive, informal catered buffet, enjoyed after the morning services on Shabbat and holidays, or on Friday Night (when we have our once-a-month services). The Kiddush has become a vital part of Chabad Owings Mills as it does much to create friendships, community, and the warm Shul atmosphere in which we take great pride. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, or commemorate the Yahrtzeit of a loved one, by sponsoring a Kiddush.

See the available dates below.


* A Kiddush with an asterisk next to it has different pricing, call the Rabbi to discuss. 


Wine Wine
Drinks Drinks
Challah Rolls Challah rolls
Cake and Cookies Cake and Cookies
Crackers Matzah Ball Soup
2 salads Main Food
Choice of: Gefilte fish, deli, or tuna/egg/white-fish salads 2 Sides
Cholent Fruit






Torah Portion Date Sponsor Occasion 
Rosh Hashanah day 1* September 16    
Rosh Hashanah day 2* September 17    
Ha'azinu September 23    
Yom Kippur Break-fast* September 25 Gabbai Lee Glushakow Mother's Yahrtzeit
Sukkos day 1* September 30    
Sukkos day 2* October 1    
Shmini Atzeres Day and Simchas Torah Day* October 7-8 Various Generous Families  
Simchas Torah* October 7 Various Generous Families  
Bereishis October 14 Rabbi & Chanie K. Leah's Bas Mitzvah
Noach October 21 Joel & Martha Gross In honor of Israel
Lech Lecha October 28 Alex & Bas Sheva Simone In loving memory of Aviva Tal Lazar
Vayeira November 4 Rabbi & Chanie K. Zelda's 3rd birthday celebration
Chayei Sara November 11 --- ---
Toldos November 18 Luba Deych Raya's 18th birthday
Vayeitzei November 25 David & Julia Shevitz Family Yahrtzeits
FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE! December 1 Jeff & Sheri Stern Granddaughter's Baby Naming
Vayishlach December 2 Michael Bush Wedding of Lynn Jacobs and Michael Bush
Vayeishev December 9 Jerry & Barbara Rubin Wishing all a Happy Chanukah
Mikeitz December 16 Karen Terner Parent's a"h Wedding Anniversary
Vayigash December 23 Joel & Martha Gross, and Robert Gross In celebration of our trip to Israel
Vayechi December 30 Mark & Betty Jontiff Family Birthdays
FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE! January 5 Ted & Maya Glazer Family Yahrtzeits
Shemos January 6 Brian & Sherri Sacks Mother's Yahrtzeit
Va'eirah January 13 Jon & Leslie Welfeld Thankful to Hashem
Bo January 20 Joel & Martha Gross Father's Yahrtzeit, Danny's Birthday
Beshalach January 27 Elliott & Nava Gorbaty Prayers for Victory in Israel
FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE! February 2 Felix & Victoria Goldovsky Always a good time for a Kiddush
Yisro February 3 Felix & Victoria Goldovsky Always a good time for a Kiddush 
Mishpatim February 10 Joe & Lois Hunt Mother's Yahrtzeits
Terumah February 17 -----  
Tetzaveh February 24    
Ki Sisa March 2 Joel & Martha Gross Safety of Danny and all the IDF
Vayakhel March 9    
Pekudei March 16 Marly Goloskov Birth of great-grandson
Vayikra March 23    
Tzav March 30 Elliott & Nava Gorbaty Prayers for Victory in Israel
Shmini April 6    
Tazria April 13 Joel & Francine Selzer Birth of grandson
Metzorah April 20    
Pesach day 1* April 23    
Pesach day 2* April 24    
Chol Hamo'ed Pesach* April 27    
Pesach day 8 - Moshiach meal* April 30    
FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE! May 3 Orange and Dayan families In memory of אלתר חיים בן יוסף נחמיה
Acharei May 4 Joel & Martha Gross, and Robert Gross Family Yahrtzeits
Kedoshim May 11 Felix & Victoria Goldovsky Family Birthdays
Emor May 18 Barbara Whatley Family Yahrtzeits and Father's Birthday
Behar May 25 Ted & Maya Glazer Mother's and Grandfather's Birthdays
Bechukosai June 1    
FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE! June 7 Ray & Melanie Haroun In honor of Melanie's birthday
Bamidbar June 8 Jeff Cohn and family In memory of his wife Jayme Cohn
Shavuos day 1* June 12 Several Generous Families  
Shavuos day 2* June 13 Several Generous Families  
Naso June 15 Allan & Jane Kaufman Both Mother's Yahrtzeits
Beha'alosecha June 22 Jeff & Sheri Stern We love Chabad
Shelach June 29    
Korach July 6    
Chukas July 13    
Balak July 20 Jeff & Sheri Stern Our Anniversary
Pinchas July 27    
Matos-Masei August 3 Jeff & Sheri Stern  
Devarim August 10 Brian & Sherri Sacks Father's Yahrtzeit
Va'eschanan August 17    
Eikev August 24    
Re'ei August 31 Jeff & Sheri Stern Granddaughters birthday
FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE! September 6 Judith & Leslie Berger Family Birthdays
Shoftim September 7 Jeff & Sheri Stern  
Ki Seitzei September 14 Natalio & Giselle Pincever Yair & Julia's Wedding
Ki Savo September 21    
Nitzavim-Vayeilech September 28